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Warhammer Ancient Battles

Saturday, May 1, 9am

Convention Director: Merle R. Delinger

2,000 points, 3 rounds, "open event" (with historical match-ups as close as possible) then Swiss system in rounds 2 and 3. scenarios will be announced at the start of the tournament.

Sponsored by 10th Cavalry.

Awards for Overall (combined scores of battle points, painting and sportsmanship), Best General (battle points), Best Sportsman (scored by players) and Best Painted (combined judging and players vote scoring) plus the 10th Cav Military Misfortune Award.

No requirement for painted miniatures, but unpainted miniatures will affect overall score and cannot win best painted.

PLEASE: email Merle R. Delinger to register and include the army you will play in the tournament..

Number of players: 16

Scale: 25/28mm Armies; 2000 pt list; Table size 6x4 or slightly larger.

Army lists allowed: All armies from the following supplements are allowed:
Chariot Wars, Fall of the West, Shieldwall, El Cid, Alexander the Great,
Hannibal and the Punic Wars, Beyond the Golden Gate, Spartacus, Age of
Arthur, Armies of Chivalry, Art of War, and Vlad the Impaler.

In addition, the Early Imperial Roman and Barbarian armies from the main rule book are allowed. The only armies allowed from the Armies of Antiquity supplement are those that do not have a new list published in another supplement (for example, the Early Persians, Crusaders, etc. but not the Vikings, Normans, or Saxons). The only allies that may be used are those allowed in your chosen army list

Exceptions/additions to standard rules:

Victory points: Scoring as per the WAB tournament score sheet.

Game Length : 2.5 hours or 7 turns or 25% break point - which ever comes first

Generals: Your army must include an army General. If you did not purchase a general one model (a character) must be designated the army general for victory point purposes.

Resigning: The resigning player gets 3 pts and his opponent is awarded 16 pts.

Basing: Single basing and DBM style basing allowed

Best Painted Army Award : The painting award is an important part of the tournament, the tournament players and TD judge all the armies. Note: The painting award is a separate part of the tournament and has nothing to do with determining Best General, but is included in the Overall Award.

Warhammer 40K

Presented by Frostreaver Forum!

This Invitational Qualifier will be a 2000 point tournament following the standard FRAG 40K Tournament Rules.

There will be 20 slots available for this tournament and online registration is open now and will close on Wednesday April 28th at Midnight CST.

To pre-reg, and you must pre-reg, go here.

Any seats left available will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis the day of the tournament.

Entry fees for the tournament are $10 and a convention badge is required to play.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Place - Trophy and $75 worth of GW Product.

2nd Place - Trophy and $50 worth of GW Product.

3rd Place - Trophy and $25 worth of GW Product.

Best Painted - Trophy

Best Sportsman - Trophy

For more info and complete rules go here.


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Call to Arms in the Spring and Border Wars in the Fall.


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